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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Nursing Programme And Scholarship

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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Nursing Programme And Scholarship –  Nursing offers endless career possibilities for those who wish to improve the lives of others. Nursing majors learn to provide health care to sick and injured patients and promote wellness and healthy living.

Students can opt to focus in an area of specialty including, but by no means limited to, geriatrics, pediatrics, critical care, mental health, emergency room, and women’s health. In addition to science and health care-focused coursework, nursing students complete classroom and laboratory assignments, as well as clinical internships in hospital and long-term health care facilities. After completing the required courses, students can further their chances of employment and career advancement by passing the requisite examination.

About Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Nursing Programme And Scholarship

The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources is the largest area of study at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Nursing is the largest single major. This associate degree program prepares students to be certified as a Registered Nurse (R.N.).

Students can complete their bachelor’s degrees at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Biology, Natural Resource Management (Forestry, Wildlife), Rural Studies (Arts and Culture, Business and Economic Development, Community and Social Affairs, Writing and Communication), Diversified Agriculture, and Turfgrass and Golf Course Management. Over 50 associate degree programs are also available, in which students can spend two years at ABAC and then transfer to a university.

Learning laboratories such as the J.G. Woodroof Farm and the Forest Lakes Golf Club enhance the academic curriculum. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College’s 516-acre campus also includes the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village, located one mile south of the main campus. Key components of the museum include an 1890s village, a blacksmith shop, a grist mill, a cotton gin, a print shop, a saw mill, and a steam locomotive.

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