How to retrieve deleted Snapchat Messages

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How to retrieve deleted Snapchat Messages – Snapchat enables its users to retrieve their data especially the deleted ones. So if you have any reason to whatsoever to retrieve your deleted Snapchat messages then you have to stick to this article as we would be rolling out the steps and procedure to retrieve deleted Snapchat messages.

For the newbies, Snapchat is popular video and photo sharing application that allows photos to be displayed for only ten seconds before they are deleted permanently. But it is possible for any snapchat user to recover photos, videos and other snaps once they are removed. Here are the important steps you need to follow if you want to recover your Snapchat photo, snaps or videos.


When snapchat messages disappear from your Snapchat app then it means that they have been deleted automatically from your phone
or Snapchat app. However, we want to inform you that these deleted Snapchat videos and photos are actually not deleted, however
they are stored in your phone memory with a NOMEDIA EXTENTION.

What this means is that O apps should ignore the Snapchat other video or Snapchat photos. When this happens then other apps will treat the Snapchat photos and videos as if they don’t exist. Notwithstanding all these, it is actually easy to get access to your Snapchat photos and videos once deleted and there are  the steps to get that done

STEP ONE (File manager apps)

To get back your deleted Snapchat messages on your phone, you first need to rename the files so that the .nomedia extension can be removed.
To rename your the files to .nomedia extension you need to use a file manager application and that can be downloaded from the
Google play store, Apple store or other app stores you are using depending on the type of phone and the operating system it has.
However in Apple device such as iPhone you need to jailbreak the phone and use a suitable file manager. What this means is that
iTunes does not permit you to do that but you can conveniently go around the restriction through jailbreak.

STEP TWO (Change the file name)

The second thing you have to do is to search your phone for files with .nomedia extension. Here you will see all your messages
on Snapchat. Select the particular one you want to retrieve and rename it immediately to remove the extension on it. Once you
do this then all other apps will be allowed to index and display thumbnails. After this, you can view your Snapchat videos and pictures again.

STEP THREE(Retrieve Deleted File)

However, there are situations where your Snapchat messages are actually deleted from your phone. If this happens, all you need
to do is to use a different software known as DUMPSTER to recover your snaps and Snapchat photos and videos. Dumpster acts like
a recycle bin just like you see is windows computer and mac ox, all you need to do is to browse through the list of deleted items in your phone and select the particular Snapchat photo or video you want to restore.

STEP FOUR (Encryption)

For those using the latest version of Snapchat, their snaps, snapchat photos and snapchat videos will be secured by encryption.
This makes it pretty difficult changing file extension and more on Snapchat. But the good news is that we have found out that
Snapchat uses weak encryption techniques. So if you are tech savvy you can crack the Snapchat encryption and do whatever task
you want to do.

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