The United States Green Card Application 2018/2019

The United States Green Card Application 2018/2019 – US Green Card through Marriage

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The United States Green Card Application 2018/2019 – US Green Card through Marriage: Getting a US green card is quite a difficult task. However, a bonafide marriage to a US citizen may be the fastest way to get a United States Green card. If you are looking for the quickest way to reside permanently in United States or you want to obtain permanent visa then you need to contract a valid marriage with a united states citizen.

Under the United States immigration law there is a provision of Immediate Relative visa category, this kind of visa permits those who got married to US citizen to also become a citizen of US. If you want to apply for a greencard/permanent residency prior to your 2 year wedding anniversary there will be conditions imposed on your greencard and this condition must be fulfilled before you will be successful. Under this visa programme, foreign nationals will be granted a full greencard once they satisfy the requisite condition.

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Procedure for application

– The first step is for the US Citizen spouse to file a petition with the Department of Homeland Security.
– The application must be at the Immigration of at the US Embassy in the country
– Once the petition is approved, it will be forwarded to the Embassy’s Immigrant Visa Branch
– The non-US Citizen spouse will now have to apply for an immigrant visa.
– The application by the non-US Citizen will produce extensive supporting documentation to their application
– On the part of the US Citizen spouse, he/she have to complete a legally enforceable Affidavit of Support

After following the above application guidelines then you the next step involves the applicant to appear for a medical examination and an interview. After the interview, the immigrant visa will be issued within a day or two.

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